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Havana Encaustic
Havana Encaustic

Havana Encaustic

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Transform the look and feel of the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or conservatory with our striking Havana encaustic tiles. In an attractive colour combo of blue, burgundy, pink, yellow and gold, the distinctive tiles can create a stunning star and square pattern repeat and are ideal for walls and floors. The great thing about choosing a cement tile such as our Havana is that it’s both hardwearing and durable and is easy to install, too.

Product Details:

  • Encaustic tile
  • Satin finish
  • Suitable for domestic/light use commercial interior floors, wall tiling
  • Format 20 x 20cm
  • 1.6cm thickness
  • Sold in boxes, 12 no tiles per box.
  • 25 tiles per square metre.
Please note that natural stone and encaustic tiles require sealing.