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Crono Freestanding

Crono Freestanding

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Whether you’re planning a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, whether the space available is large or small, Crono fits in with all sorts of different dreams of a beautiful bathroom. That’s thanks to its clear design language and a multitude of possible variants – from the washbasins and countertops all the way to the vanity units, cabinets, mirrors and mirror cabinets, right down to the fronts and handles. In addition, the Crono line also includes beautifully shaped freestanding bathtubs.

Modern, timeless, functional. Depending on the colour of the finish, the Crono design line mostly creates an objective, understated look. But it’s well worth taking a closer look at Crono: at the wide variety of mineral cast washbasins, the well thought out organisation of the cabinet and drawer interiors and the pleasant light emitted by the illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets.

Plenty of scope for individual bathroom design. Crono has an abundance of variants to offer – in every respect. For both the finishes and the handles, as well as for the furniture and the washbasins, which are available not just in rectangular and round shapes but in a tulip-shaped variant as well. There are also base units, tall cabinets, mid-height cabinets, sideboards – all in a wide choice of different versions. When it comes to furnishing bathrooms, Crono is nothing short of an inspiration.

Product Details:

  • Crono mineral cast resin oval bath
  • Measurement: 1900x575x900mm
  • Integrated overflow outlet
  • Depth (water-level) 430mm
  • 310 litre volume
  • Weight 185kg