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Acquawhite Venet Freestanding

Acquawhite Venet Freestanding

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The brightness of matt white and its smooth, soft-textured base dominate this collection.  The Venet freestanding bath is made from a special Dolotek material which has chemical and physical properties that enable the manufacture of technically high-quality products, as well as moulding these products into complex shapes within a functional design. 

Product Details

  • Easyclean. Thanks to the non-porous and continuous surface, it makes for faster and more convenient cleaning. Cleaner than ever.
  • Antibacterial surface.  Dolotek prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and fungi. It’s an intrinsic property of the material that doesn’t require chemical additives.
  • Silky touch
  • UV ray-resistant
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Size: 1550mm length, 750mm width, 455mm height.

Venet is part of a wider selection of Acquawhite products with matching basins available.  Please speak to your nearest Ripples showroom for more details.