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How to maximise space in a cloakroom

Want to know how to maximise space in your cloakroom? Here Senior Designer Chris Payne tells us how...

The cloakroom is perhaps the most exciting of the bathrooms in a house, if often the smallest. It is the one bathroom which possibly all visitors will use and is free from the practical restrictions imposed upon other bath or shower rooms. Cloakrooms provide a great opportunity for the homeowner to make a statement, but as cloakrooms are often small in size we have to be clever about what we do to maximise space, here are some of my top tips...


MIRROR IMAGE: Large mirrors cut to size or shape and used carefully make a huge difference to the perception of space and light. When used well mirrors can transform a space. 

LOOK AT LIGHTING: Lighting is a very useful feature, especially with the technological advances in LED tape lighting. Tiny strips of light can be mounted under basins or shelves, giving the appearance of items floating in space.

TAKE IT TO THE WALL: The Basin and WC should be wall hung, this doesn't necessarily create more space, it certainly gives the feeling of a larger more spacious environment. There are compact WCs and basins available from Ripples, which are ergonomically designed to provide a very useable item but in a very compact form.


MIX IT: Small basin mixers are produced by some manufacturers, which can be used on compact basins, these are not only in proportion to the basin, but also fool the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Simplicity is key in maximising small spaces. Neat furniture units can be installed under basins, providing storage for cleaning products, spare toilet rolls and the like. 

USE THE SPACE: Utilising every space. When space is at a premium, it makes sense for every area to be use to its best potential. The area behind the WC and above the cistern can be used as an area for spare towels or used to display a piece of art! 

HAVE FUN: If you can't have fun in your cloakroom, where can you? Bold colours, interesting tiles and maybe even that statement wallpaper that you've had on your mind. My advice for a cloakroom? Be bold and go for it! 


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